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Richford countdown...6 months and 27 days...

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

We do have good news. The Mercer GOP will be in the rebuilding phase in less than 7 months. By then we will have a Republican as a chairperson! The new chair will also have basic membership qualifications. As should be noted, The qualifications for MCRC membership is as follows: Article II Section 1. All members of the committee shall be registered Republican voters and shall not be, or declare themselves to be, members of any other political party, which actively supports candidates or principals contrary to the interests of the Mercer County Republican Party as established by the COMMITTEE.

The chair has also disregarded Article I Section 2 Purpose: The purpose of the COMMITTEE is to nominate qualified candidates for all public offices, as well as promote the principals, establish the policy, direct the affairs and further the goals of the Republican Party and to insure decent and responsible government in our community and its municipalities.

There are so many instances of disqualifying behavior that will ensure no chance of re-election in the coming months. Surviving a 1/3 vote to stay is not a victory when over 50% of the body voted against confidence in Richford's ability to lead the Committee. Many committee members did not show up to vote because the meeting was published in the newspaper that the meeting may be invalid, which was a lame attempt to quash opposition. The failed motion to nullify the results of the masses of peoples opinions of yourself is shamelessly inept. Can we get that framed as a parting gift?

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