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Nothing can be stolen from an abandoned house....

A point of clarification. was not hijacked or taken from the Mercer Republican Committee. The internet domain in question was abandoned and expired, as well as the hosting and web content for quite some time before someone purchased it. As was mentioned in the prior post, The leadership of the MCRC Has disregarded its primary purpose to nominate candidates as well as other basic functions necessary for a political party committee to operate. It is understood that there was a nominating convention. With no freeholder nominations, if other business was discussed, smart money says that phone service and internet website issues were not brought up, probably not for years. If the domain was hijacked, there should be domain registration fees logged in the MCRC ELEC report. The yearly corporate filing should be kept up to date as well, the status of which is unknown. The past 2-3 years of ELEC reports should prove quite interesting....

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