We need some serious fundraising people!

Yes, we are still broke, and only have a petty balance to put in to a petty cash box... Our bank fees are $20 a month, so we simply...

A word from our leader:

As most everyone knows, the MCRC is still broke, or fashionably speaking, financially challenged. I wouldn’t say broke as a joke, as...

Op Ed submitted by a member

Alas, the once proud Mercer GOP fighting ship has now been run aground by a moronic fool, lesser known as “Captain Calamity”. Immediately...


Welcome to the Mercer County NJ Rupublican Community website

Congratulations Jeff Martin, Dave Henderson and Lisa Richford

Our condolences to our fellow Republicans and Taxpayers of Hamilton and Mercer County. 
We are not affiliated with the Mercer County Republican Committee, as the current state of the committee has abandoned its allegiance to Republican values and efforts (which is a requirement for membership as per its constitution). It maybe possible for the MCRC secretary to salvage and rebuild what is left of the organization. At this time, there are more actual Republicans that have fled the MCRC than is part of Lisa Richford's neglected and crippled organization. The priority of the MCRC has switched from securing qualified candidates to run against democrats, to actually collude with them and their interests. The only other activity of the MCRC has been fulfilling would be filling job appointments and seeking a judgeship through the Murphy administration. 
There has not been a phone number in many years, and no working website in well over a year for the MCRC that is needed for an organization to function, So none is included here for interested parties to contact anyone that can resurrect the MCRC. (updated 11-06-19)


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